Bobby L. Craig

About Me

The man behind the half-assed portfolio website.

I was born on a haunting Friday evening. The air was crisp and the Cleveland Indians were in the bottom of the 8th of what would turn out to be an 11-inning game for the AL title. My mom says I looked handsome that evening…but she still says that, so she’s not exactly reliable.

I spent my youth convincing my little sister that she was a Power Ranger, shoveling mulch with my dad, and eventually opening a bike-repair shop with one of my neighborhood best friends (I don’t think we ever had a single customer).

As I grew older I branched out a bit. I spoke to walls occassionaly, became the president of a university (it’s not a big deal…okay, maybe it is), became a well-known ice cream critic, and graduated high school somewhere along the way. Time flies.

I attended Denison University and eventually decided it would be best if I got a job because spending money on my education was putting me in quite a bit of debt.

Today, I still do things. Some of them—flying, hiking, traveling, riding motorcycles, running—are considered constructive. Some of them—watching Star Wars, reading Wikipedia articles about serial killers, eating excessively sugary foods—are not. I even do some things professionally (insert applause here)…

I’m currently working at Mailchimp as a Software Engineer, and I’m always looking for opportunities to teach, volunteer, learn, break things, or…well, I guess fix things too?