Courteous Flying

Please don't be an inconsiderate jerk.

19 December 2019

Now that I live 2000 miles away from my hometown and my company’s HQ, I find myself flying rather frequently for both business, family, and leisure. This year alone I had upwards of 20 flights, and for seasoned flying businessfolk, that’s a number to scoff at. Yet I know I get frustrated by the inconsiderate folks and the things they do on flights. So, I decided to compile a rant-y list of things you should and shouldn’t do when flying commercial.

Dos and Don’ts of Courteous Flying

  • Don’t yank on the seat in front of you to get up.
  • Do give the person in the middle seat the arm rests.
  • Don’t recline. Ever. Even on long hauls.
  • Do keep your feet away from others and off of the seat in front of you.
  • Do board in whatever way the silly airline has you boarding (I have strong feelings about these inefficiencies). Also, do Deplane in town order. Don’t cut if you have a close layover—most people likely have close layovers.
  • Don’t hit on flight attendants. It’s uncomfortable for all involved.
  • Do use perfume/cologne sparingly. If you’re going to wear cologne/perfume, use it to enhance your scent…not to be your scent. My eyes shouldn’t be bleeding from your scent.
  • Don’t use the TSA conveyor belt as a dressing room. If you had to remove articles of clothing, take them from the conveyor belt and dress out of the way of others.
  • Do use care when lifting your carry-on into the overhead compartment. If you can’t lift your carry-on into the overhead compartment, it’s probably too heavy. Even so, please ask someone for help instead of bludgeoning other passengers in the head with it.
  • Don’t use tray tables as changing rooms. I repeat: tray tables are not changing rooms.
  • Do try to limit your commercial flying—it’s bad for the environment (this is something I’m currently struggling with)
  • Do: Cover. Your. Mouth. If. You. Cough.
  • Do use common sense with windows.
  • Don’t use your neighbors’ shoulders as pillows.
  • Don’t bring greasy fast food onto the plane to eat during taxi. Salad: fine, sure. Odiferous food: please no.
  • Don’t break the rules of escalators and moving walkways. Stand right, walk left.

That’s it. Rant over.

tl;dr don’t be an inconsiderate jerkface.

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