January 18, 2017

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I have told myself for the longest time that I'm a creator, not a consumer. When I see this changing, I try to do something to remedy it. So often I find it's easy to just sit on Reddit or Facebook and endlessly scroll as my eyes grow tired and I grow bored of looking at a screen. While a little bit of this is okay and normal, doing this to the extent that some do is dangerous. It leads to apathy. It leads to unwarranted contentment. And it inhibits creation and self-growth.

With these goals in mind, I set out to keep a travel log. This is more for myself than anyone else, though I wouldn't be mad if someone wanted to read about my travel experience or see how to travel Europe inexpensively (although this isn't really a guide for that).

As I've watched my friends go abroad for the past 3 years, I've noticed they all post pictures on Instagram and endlessly try to "out-do" each other on Snapchat. It becomes a contest of who is having the most fun or who has traveled to the most places. I want to avoid this. I actually deleted my Snapchat and my Instagram for this semester (and probably indefinitely 'cuz I ain't a slave to social media!).

This trip is for me. This log is for me. I want to enjoy my time in Europe and I honestly don't care if people think I had fun or not...I mean, obviously it's me. I can make anything fun. But stories are more important than pictures of you posing a fun situation.

My friend Jo recently sent me an interesting lyric.

If you want to live
Stop staring with your camera

Millennials get a lot of shit. We're the "soft" generation. We're the slaves to technology. We are constantly blamed for the world's problems by Boomers, and "we don't really do anything right"... but this criticism I agree with. We need to stop living behind screens, stop living to impress each other, and we need to just live. The world is more globalized than it has ever been before and we (especially Americans) have been met with incomparable opportunities. This is my attempt at that. I'm enjoying the moment, remembering it, and reporting back for future Bobby.

Of course, a large part of this log was also the creative and technical side. I've had a lot of fun developing it. I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the inspiration though. The inspiration for this blog was derived from this. I took a lot from this concept and figured I'd give credit where credit is due. The execution in terms of code is rather different (he used Node.js for everything...I figured I had to host it on GitHub Node was a no-go), and I personally don't think my design is as great, but I tried and am actually pretty happy with the result.