An Hour Before Departure

January 25, 2017

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Yes... I'm still in Canton... for about another hour as I write this! But then I will be off.

I don't really have much of a playlist created for these flights. I honestly don't have anything prepared... that's about how I do for travel. I was so excited when I finally got to CAK. I checked my luggage and it weighed 51lbs (how ridiculous is that... 4 months abroad and I can only take one bag of 50lbs?!) and they still let me go. Apparently it's policy to allow up to 52lbs. Nice.

To satiate my appetite, I made my way to the first food booth in CAK—the Cinnabon—and got a Cinnabon Classic because I'm boring and vanilla like that (and am trying to induce my inevitable diabetes). I ate that and headed for Gate 5. I'm writing this as I wait for boarding to begin.

I'm ready for my trip. I slept very little, so I'm hoping that my early morning arrival won't be too terrible if I can fall asleep on the plane (it'll be 4am EST). If not, day 1 in Bremen will be miserable. I may update this or add posts at other airports depending on how bored I am. I'm headed to Atlanta next and then Paris. Tschüss!