To The Bürgerschaft!

March 16, 2017

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German Politics and Culture went to Berlin a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, because it was prohibitively expensive, I didn’t go. I’ll be going at a later point in time. Because I didn’t get to go, I didn’t get to visit the Reichstag with the rest of the class which SUCKS. BUT THIS WEEK, we got to go to the Bremen Bürgerschaft (like a state house?). Equally as good? Not really. Still fun? Sure!

Our class got a nifty tour of the place, we got to sit in the cocktail room and we sat in the chamber where all of the MPs sit! It was pretty fun, I got a little nametag that said “Gast” on it, and we got to listen to Lillian give a speech about Bremen’s history and political climate.

Afterward, I went with Dariya and a Scottish friend named Hannah to get a drink (specifically iced tea)…although Hannah got a beer with lemonade mixed in it and now I really want to try it [Edit: it’s called a radler and I’ve beed advised against it]! We sat there for quite a while, got ice cream, and then headed back to campus (where we saw Dr. Deutsch on the train)! It was a good afternoon, and I thought it was worthy of a post here.