Thursday Night In Vegesack

March 23, 2017

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Thursday night was pretty chill. We’ve been to bars in Bremen—it’s a common occurrence—but we haven’t been to many bars in Vegesack. So, we decided midday that we would venture into Vegesack, and what a great idea that was (this isn’t sarcasm…it really was a great idea). We finished up our school work for the day (German Politics and Culture is my only class on Thursdays) and we met up outside of Krupp A-block. Daniel and I arrived first, Dariya arrived shortly after, and we waited quite a while for Renata to finally show up. All the while, Dariya received a call from home, so Daniel and I harassed her by yelling “zdrasti” a bunch! She was super annoyed, but I found it hilarious, and I suppose that’s all that matters.

The bus arrived as soon as we exited the gate from Jacobs. If Renata took a second longer, we would have been walking to Vegesack. But alas, things worked out well. As always, the bus ride was pretty normal. I’m feeling extremely comfortable with the bus system now, and getting around Germany (Bremen, in particular) is super easy. Applause for their public transit. Woo! We dropped off at the Vegesack Bf stop and walked to the main street area of Vegesack where pubs are present and available. You can tell where pubs are in Bremen by the Becks signs outside. Odds are, if the restaurant doesn’t serve Becks in Bremen, it probably doesn’t serve beer at all. Which is a shame…because Becks beer is terrible. I have not drank for very long. I don’t even really have a refined palate. BUT I KNOW THAT BECKS IS TERRIBLE. Still, it’s based in Bremen and they funded a college at Jacobs, so that’s cool.

There aren’t a ton of pubs in Bremen, but there also isn’t a dearth. It’s a good amount considering it’s an adorable, small town. We walked past a few pubs and couldn’t tell if they were open or not. The first one we walked into had bartenders that gave us a weird look. Everyone there was old, so we left. Awkward. We next went into one called Gaststätte Nautilus. We sat down in a corner booth and the lady came to take our order. It smelled really badly of smoke—half the people there were smoking. So surprised it’s not illegal in Germany to smoke inside. But yeah, the waitress. No English. Yippee, this will be fun. We attempt to order the best we could, the lady is super rude when we ask for five more minutes, and we attempt to figure out what to get while she waits and looms over us. We got our drink, Renata told us about her love life, we drank as quickly as possible, paid and got out! Nothing to write home about.

We moved on to another smaller bar that was dimly lit and had few people in it. It looked nice though. We stepped in, the bartender had red hair, and she spoke a little English. Still, to be respectful we ordered in German (she was like, “AHHH, Deutsch!?”) and got our drinks. While we waited, we noticed the music was poppin’ in this pub and there were locals just having a nice conversation. They overheard our conversation, made fun of us for speaking English, and we all had a good laugh. The drinks were much better (no more Haake Beck, thank God) and we enjoyed just sitting in a dimly lit pub in Germany. I peed like 3 times while there (small bladder?) and was super embarrassed about that. Looking back, I doubt any of the people knew. They were having a grand old time by themselves. There was still smoke in this pub though, so we left.

The last pub was much more full and had many more young people. Louder and more drink variety. I think the name of it was Fährhaus, but I’m not entirely sure. We walked in, Renata ordered for us at the bar, and we sat down. The most interesting of conversations occurred here. Something reminded me of my Ancient Rome days in Dr. Kennedy’s class and I was triggered––I hate Cicero. I told everyone about how much of a douchebag Cicero was and they looked at me like I was crazy. I then recalled Catullus’ poetry and Dan and I had a good ole laugh about it. The line “Pedicabo ego vos et irrumabo” came up and we started to discuss how crazy Catullus was…it quite literally translates to “I will sodomize you and face-fuck you”…he later talks about how he wants to fuck the person in the manner that you would fuck a child…yeah, guy was nuts. Also, not sure how this came up but it was an interesting conversation to be yelling in a bar, that’s for sure.

This was the last pub for the night. We left, took some pictures with a statue of a donkey (WHICH DARIYA RUINED WITH HER INFERIOR PHOTO TAKING ABILITIES), and headed for the Vegesack Bf again. The train wasn’t coming for a while, so we made our way to a döner place right around midnight. The shop was closing but the nice guy working made an exception for us and made Dariya and Dan some nice Turkish pizzas. It was really awesome.

That was the end of that, we got home, I got a candy bar, and went to bed. The next morning I had to go to class and prep for Dublin, so I needed my sleep!