A Night Out In Bremen

April 7, 2017

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It seemed like a long week and a few of us just wanted to hang out. First, Jack had a friend from Hamburg visit...it was fun. Jessi is a lovely person, has a great sense of humor, and made fun of my German pronunciations of words (the word "röhre" I believe). She brought a car with her, so we got to experience Clement trying to drive a car with a stick (and subsequently Jack, who was pretty damn good for his first time driving a manual!). After these trials, we decided to go to Primark/the mall for good measures and some interesting time. I needed to buy a lock (never found one) and a short sleeve button up shirt (found some but didn't buy any because I'm super indecisive).

In the end, the only people that actually bought stuff were Clement and Jack...they got some shoes. Everything in the mall was camo—to the point where Americans were making fun of them for it. I guess camo is in? It was a good time.

The last part of this short post was that night when we went out. Dariya, Daniel, and I decided we would go out for a few drinks before being separated for Spring Break, so we went to Paddies and got a round, then went to the Schnoor and got a round at a place called Little Mary's or something before finally getting a text from Clement and Jack saying they wanted to meet us at Paddies. SO, we went back to Paddies (this time in the upstairs area which is smoking...which smelled terrible) and had a few drinks. It was a good time, our waiter looked like he was about 15, and we played horse races and just shot the shit.

It was on the train back that Jessi made fun of my German pronunciations and it was when we finally got back that we all admitted we were a little hungry and wanted some food. So, we went to Pulse in Jacobs' student center and got some food and just hung out on the steps like hooligans. 10/10 would do again.

Storage area. Staff only. Except Bobby and Jack.