Bobby L. Craig


# ansi-regex [![Build Status](]( > Regular expression for matching [ANSI escape codes]( ## Install ```sh $ npm install --save ansi-regex ``` ## Usage ```js var ansiRegex = require('ansi-regex'); ansiRegex().test('\u001b[4mcake\u001b[0m'); //=> true ansiRegex().test('cake'); //=> false '\u001b[4mcake\u001b[0m'.match(ansiRegex()); //=> ['\u001b[4m', '\u001b[0m'] ``` *It's a function so you can create multiple instances. Regexes with the global flag will have the `.lastIndex` property changed for each call to methods on the instance. Therefore reusing the instance with multiple calls will not work as expected for `.test()`.* ## License MIT © [Sindre Sorhus](