Bobby L. Craig

node-asn1 is a library for encoding and decoding ASN.1 datatypes in pure JS. Currently BER encoding is supported; at some point I'll likely have to do DER. ## Usage Mostly, if you're *actually* needing to read and write ASN.1, you probably don't need this readme to explain what and why. If you have no idea what ASN.1 is, see this: The source is pretty much self-explanatory, and has read/write methods for the common types out there. ### Decoding The following reads an ASN.1 sequence with a boolean. var Ber = require('asn1').Ber; var reader = new Ber.Reader(new Buffer([0x30, 0x03, 0x01, 0x01, 0xff])); reader.readSequence(); console.log('Sequence len: ' + reader.length); if (reader.peek() === Ber.Boolean) console.log(reader.readBoolean()); ### Encoding The following generates the same payload as above. var Ber = require('asn1').Ber; var writer = new Ber.Writer(); writer.startSequence(); writer.writeBoolean(true); writer.endSequence(); console.log(writer.buffer); ## Installation npm install asn1 ## License MIT. ## Bugs See .