Bobby L. Craig


# exit [![Build Status](]( A replacement for process.exit that ensures stdio are fully drained before exiting. To make a long story short, if `process.exit` is called on Windows, script output is often truncated when pipe-redirecting `stdout` or `stderr`. This module attempts to work around this issue by waiting until those streams have been completely drained before actually calling `process.exit`. See [Node.js issue #3584]( for further reference. Tested in OS X 10.8, Windows 7 on Node.js 0.8.25 and 0.10.18. Based on some code by [@vladikoff]( ## Getting Started Install the module with: `npm install exit` ```javascript var exit = require('exit'); // These lines should appear in the output, EVEN ON WINDOWS. console.log("omg"); console.error("yay"); // process.exit(5); exit(5); // These lines shouldn't appear in the output. console.log("wtf"); console.error("bro"); ``` ## Don't believe me? Try it for yourself. In Windows, clone the repo and cd to the `test\fixtures` directory. The only difference between [log.js](/node_modules/exit/test/fixtures/log.js) and [log-broken.js](/node_modules/exit/test/fixtures/log-broken.js) is that the former uses `exit` while the latter calls `process.exit` directly. This test was done using cmd.exe, but you can see the same results using `| grep "std"` in either PowerShell or git-bash. ``` C:\node-exit\test\fixtures>node log.js 0 10 stdout stderr 2>&1 | find "std" stdout 0 stderr 0 stdout 1 stderr 1 stdout 2 stderr 2 stdout 3 stderr 3 stdout 4 stderr 4 stdout 5 stderr 5 stdout 6 stderr 6 stdout 7 stderr 7 stdout 8 stderr 8 stdout 9 stderr 9 C:\node-exit\test\fixtures>node log-broken.js 0 10 stdout stderr 2>&1 | find "std" C:\node-exit\test\fixtures> ``` ## Contributing In lieu of a formal styleguide, take care to maintain the existing coding style. Add unit tests for any new or changed functionality. Lint and test your code using [Grunt]( ## Release History 2013-11-26 - v0.1.2 - Fixed a bug with hanging processes. 2013-09-26 - v0.1.1 - Fixed some bugs. It seems to actually work now! 2013-09-20 - v0.1.0 - Initial release. ## License Copyright (c) 2013 "Cowboy" Ben Alman Licensed under the MIT license.