Bobby L. Craig

Lo-Dash v2.4.2

# Lo-Dash v2.4.2 A utility library delivering consistency, [customization](, [performance](, & [extras]( ## Download Check out our [wiki]([]) for details over the differences between builds. * Modern builds perfect for newer browsers/environments:
[Development]( & [Production]( * Compatibility builds for older environment support too:
[Development]( & [Production]( * Underscore builds to use as a drop-in replacement:
[Development]( & [Production]( CDN copies are available on [cdnjs]( & [jsDelivr](!lodash). For smaller file sizes, create [custom builds]( with only the features needed. Love modules? We’ve got you covered with [lodash-amd](, [lodash-es6](, [lodash-node](, & [npm packages]( per method. ## Dive in There’s plenty of **[documentation](**, [unit tests](, & [benchmarks](
Check out DevDocs as a fast, organized, & searchable interface for our documentation. The full changelog for this release is available on our [wiki](
A list of upcoming features is available on our [roadmap]( ## Installation & usage In browsers: ```html ``` Using [`npm`]( ```bash npm i --save lodash {sudo} npm i -g lodash npm ln lodash ``` In [Node.js]( & [Ringo]( ```js var _ = require('lodash'); // or as Underscore var _ = require('lodash/dist/lodash.underscore'); ``` **Notes:** * Don’t assign values to [special variable]( `_` when in the REPL * If Lo-Dash is installed globally, run [`npm ln lodash`]( in your project’s root directory *before* requiring it In [Rhino]( ```js load('lodash.js'); ``` In an AMD loader: ```js require({ 'packages': [ { 'name': 'lodash', 'location': 'path/to/lodash', 'main': 'lodash' } ] }, ['lodash'], function(_) { console.log(_.VERSION); }); ``` ## Resources * Podcasts - [JavaScript Jabber]( * Posts - [Say “Hello” to Lo-Dash]( - [Custom builds in Lo-Dash 2.0]( * Videos - [Introduction]( - [Origins]( - [Optimizations & builds]( - [Native method use]( - [Testing]( - [CascadiaJS ’12]( A list of other community created podcasts, posts, & videos is available on our [wiki]( ## Features * AMD loader support ([curl](, [dojo](, [requirejs](, etc.) * [_(…)]( supports intuitive chaining * []( for cherry-picking collection values * [_.bindKey]( for binding [*“lazy”*]( defined methods * [_.clone]( supports shallow cloning of `Date` & `RegExp` objects * [_.cloneDeep]( for deep cloning arrays & objects * [_.constant]( & []( function generators for composing functions * [_.contains]( accepts a `fromIndex` * [_.create]( for easier object inheritance * [_.createCallback]( for extending callbacks in methods & mixins * [_.curry]( for creating [curried]( functions * [_.debounce]( & [_.throttle]( accept additional `options` for more control * [_.findIndex]( & [_.findKey]( for finding indexes & keys * [_.forEach]( is chainable & supports exiting early * [_.forIn]( for iterating own & inherited properties * [_.forOwn]( for iterating own properties * [_.isPlainObject]( for checking if values are created by `Object` * [_.mapValues]( for [mapping]( values to an object * [_.memoize]( exposes the `cache` of memoized functions * [_.merge]( for a deep [_.extend]( * [_.noop]( for function placeholders * []( as a cross-browser `` alternative * [_.parseInt]( for consistent behavior * [_.pull]( & [_.remove]( for mutating arrays * [_.random]( supports returning floating-point numbers * [_.runInContext]( for easier mocking * [_.sortBy]( supports sorting by multiple properties * []( for flagging environment features * [_.template]( supports [*“imports”*]( options & [ES6 template delimiters]( * [_.transform]( as a powerful alternative to [_.reduce]( for transforming objects * [_.where]( supports deep object comparisons * [_.xor]( as a companion to [_.difference](, [_.intersection](, & [_.union]( * []( is capable of unzipping values * [_.omit](, [_.pick](, & [more]( "_.assign, _.clone, _.cloneDeep, _.first, _.initial, _.isEqual, _.last, _.merge,") accept callbacks * [_.contains](, [_.toArray](, & [more]( ", _.countBy, _.every, _.filter, _.find, _.forEach, _.forEachRight, _.groupBy, _.invoke,, _.max, _.min, _.pluck, _.reduce, _.reduceRight, _.reject, _.shuffle, _.size, _.some, _.sortBy, _.where") accept strings * [_.filter](, [](, & [more]( "_.countBy, _.every, _.find, _.findKey, _.findLast, _.findLastIndex, _.findLastKey, _.first, _.groupBy, _.initial, _.last, _.max, _.min, _.reject,, _.some, _.sortBy, _.sortedIndex, _.uniq") support *“_.pluck”* & *“_.where”* shorthands * [_.findLast](, [_.findLastIndex](, & [more]( "_.findLastKey, _.forEachRight, _.forInRight, _.forOwnRight, _.partialRight") right-associative methods ## Support Tested in Chrome 5~31, Firefox 2~25, IE 6-11, Opera 9.25-17, Safari 3-7, Node.js 0.6.21-0.10.22, Narwhal 0.3.2, PhantomJS 1.9.2, RingoJS 0.9, & Rhino 1.7RC5.