Bobby L. Craig

Browser-friendly inheritance fully compatible with standard node.js [inherits]( This package exports standard `inherits` from node.js `util` module in node environment, but also provides alternative browser-friendly implementation through [browser field]( Alternative implementation is a literal copy of standard one located in standalone module to avoid requiring of `util`. It also has a shim for old browsers with no `Object.create` support. While keeping you sure you are using standard `inherits` implementation in node.js environment, it allows bundlers such as [browserify]( to not include full `util` package to your client code if all you need is just `inherits` function. It worth, because browser shim for `util` package is large and `inherits` is often the single function you need from it. It's recommended to use this package instead of `require('util').inherits` for any code that has chances to be used not only in node.js but in browser too. ## usage ```js var inherits = require('inherits'); // then use exactly as the standard one ``` ## note on version ~1.0 Version ~1.0 had completely different motivation and is not compatible neither with 2.0 nor with standard node.js `inherits`. If you are using version ~1.0 and planning to switch to ~2.0, be careful: * new version uses `super_` instead of `super` for referencing superclass * new version overwrites current prototype while old one preserves any existing fields on it