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# lazy-cache [![NPM version](]( [![NPM downloads](]( [![Build Status](]( > Cache requires to be lazy-loaded when needed. ## Install Install with [npm]( ```sh $ npm install lazy-cache --save ``` If you use webpack and are experiencing issues, try using [unlazy-loader](, a webpack loader that fixes the bug that prevents webpack from working with native javascript getters. ## Usage ```js var utils = require('lazy-cache')(require); ``` **Use as a property on `lazy`** The module is also added as a property to the `lazy` function so it can be called without having to call a function first. ```js var utils = require('lazy-cache')(require); // `npm install glob` utils('glob'); // glob sync console.log(utils.glob.sync('*.js')); // glob async utils.glob('*.js', function (err, files) { console.log(files); }); ``` **Use as a function** ```js var utils = require('lazy-cache')(require); var glob = utils('glob'); // `glob` is a now a function that may be called when needed glob().sync('foo/*.js'); ``` ## Aliases An alias may be passed as the second argument if you don't want to use the automatically camel-cased variable name. **Example** ```js var utils = require('lazy-cache')(require); // alias `ansi-yellow` as `yellow` utils('ansi-yellow', 'yellow'); console.log(utils.yellow('foo')); ``` ## Browserify usage **Example** ```js var utils = require('lazy-cache')(require); // temporarily re-assign `require` to trick browserify var fn = require; require = utils; // list module dependencies (here, `require` is actually `lazy-cache`) require('glob'); require = fn; // restore the native `require` function /** * Now you can use glob with the `utils.glob` variable */ // sync console.log(utils.glob.sync('*.js')); // async utils.glob('*.js', function (err, files) { console.log(files.join('\n')); }); ``` ## Kill switch In certain rare edge cases it may be necessary to unlazy all lazy-cached dependencies (5 reported cases after ~30 million downloads). To force lazy-cache to immediately invoke all dependencies, do: ```js process.env.UNLAZY = true; ``` ## Related projects You might also be interested in these projects: [lint-deps]( CLI tool that tells you when dependencies are missing from package.json and offers you a… [more]( | [homepage]( ## Contributing Pull requests and stars are always welcome. For bugs and feature requests, [please create an issue]( ## Building docs Generate readme and API documentation with [verb]( ```sh $ npm install verb && npm run docs ``` Or, if [verb]( is installed globally: ```sh $ verb ``` ## Running tests Install dev dependencies: ```sh $ npm install -d && npm test ``` ## Author **Jon Schlinkert** * [github/jonschlinkert]( * [twitter/jonschlinkert]( ## License Copyright © 2016, [Jon Schlinkert]( Released under the [MIT license]( *** _This file was generated by [verb](, v0.9.0, on April 22, 2016._