Bobby L. Craig

streams WG Meeting 2015-01-30

# streams WG Meeting 2015-01-30 ## Links * **Google Hangouts Video**: * **GitHub Issue**: * **Original Minutes Google Doc**: ## Agenda Extracted from prior to meeting. * adopt a charter [#105]( * release and versioning strategy [#101]( * simpler stream creation [#102]( * proposal: deprecate implicit flowing of streams [#99]( ## Minutes ### adopt a charter * group: +1's all around ### What versioning scheme should be adopted? * group: +1’s 3.0.0 * domenic+group: pulling in patches from other sources where appropriate * mikeal: version independently, suggesting versions for io.js * mikeal+domenic: work with TC to notify in advance of changes simpler stream creation ### streamline creation of streams * sam: streamline creation of streams * domenic: nice simple solution posted but, we lose the opportunity to change the model may not be backwards incompatible (double check keys) **action item:** domenic will check ### remove implicit flowing of streams on(‘data’) * add isFlowing / isPaused * mikeal: worrying that we’re documenting polyfill methods – confuses users * domenic: more reflective API is probably good, with warning labels for users * new section for mad scientists (reflective stream access) * calvin: name the “third state” * mikeal: maybe borrow the name from whatwg? * domenic: we’re missing the “third state” * consensus: kind of difficult to name the third state * mikeal: figure out differences in states / compat * mathias: always flow on data – eliminates third state * explore what it breaks **action items:** * ask isaac for ability to list packages by what public io.js APIs they use (esp. Stream) * ask rod/build for infrastructure * **chris**: explore the “flow on data” approach * add isPaused/isFlowing * add new docs section * move isPaused to that section