Bobby L. Craig

Translating the Translators

Digitizing Medieval Iberian History

This project was an absolute joy to work on. Most of my “personal projects” are done alone, but I worked in conjunction with some awesome people in the language department and tech professionals at Denison for this project. They brought me onto the project because the current technologists who had built the Wordpress side of the site didn’t know anything about JavaScript for the interactive part of the site. While I left Denison before being able to add more texts to the site, I think the result ended up pretty well.

The project was built on top of a platform called EVT. Essentially, EVT (which was rather outdated) tooks texts, had you shove them into XML files, and used XSLT to generate a bunch of files. Knowing that, I had to learn the nitty-gritty of XSLT to edit pages which turned out to be pretty ugly at times.

For this project, I added audio capabilities, line highlighting, and the ability to view multiple pages of the text (not just the original page) as well as multiple translations of each of those pages. My hope was that in building this tool I would help scholars by basically “open sourcing” these rare, archaic texts.

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