Abroad Blog

This was a semester-long project. It started off as a normal blog with simple posts and photos, but it eventually grew to be much more interactive.

Buzzard Budgeting

Buzzard Budgeting is a budgeting platform built specifically for Denison University’s budgeting needs. Being part of Denison’s finance committee, I built the tool to help streamline the budgeting process. While I’ve dealt with React before, it was usually on a very small scale—this was my first interaction with large-scale React and the inclusion of Redux.


I’m helping contribute and maintain the site reliability for this coffeehouse point-of-sale web application. It sees wide usage among the student body and has improved the coffeeshop’s profitability in the single year active.

Tenable Security Foundation Quiz

This was my favorite project during the summer of 2016. I was given a great deal of autonomy and built it all out on my own. It ended up being central to a blog post—I was pretty excited.


Congresstributions was a fun little tool to keep Congresspeople accountable by placing their largest contributors after their names so readers had an idea about their history. Unfortunately, the API costs money to use so names have been hard-coded and the project will soon be wildly out-of-date.

Tenable Help Me Choose Tool

Among the many different things I did in the summer of 2016 during my internship with Tenable Network Security, this tool was an important one. It is really helpful in revealing the appropriate product to customers, and it notifies sales via Salesforce of the precise specifications a customer has before making contact.

Denison Sub-Reddit Reskin

This was a quick afternoon project. The Denison subreddit was rather barren, so I decided to give it some Big Red branding!