This list is by no means exhaustive. Please check my GitHub for a more complete look at technical projects.

Abroad Blog

This was a semester-long project. It started off as a normal blog with simple posts and photos, but it eventually grew to be much more interactive.

Buzzard Budgeting

University budgeting application built with Laravel and React/Redux for 180+ student organizations.


What ended up as a simple hour-long project became a featured hit on Instructables! Try it out!


Point-of-sale web app built with a group of college students with Meteor.js for a local coffeehouse.

Translating the Translators

Provided scholars with a digital solution to explore and interact with the Arabic New Testaments of Medieval Iberia.


Simple Chrome extension that reminds you of Congresspeople’s top campaign contributors when seeing their name in text.

127 WP Theme

WordPress theme for a blog run on my college campus heavily resembling Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight.

DenEn Site

Built the marketing website for a start-up incubator I led in school.

Tenable Security Quiz

One of my first internship projects ever. It ended up being central to a blog post back in July of 2016.

/r/Denison Reskin

This was a quick afternoon project. The Denison subreddit was rather barren, so I decided to give it some Big Red branding!