I Have Arrived At Jacobs!

January 27, 2017

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When I last left off I was at the arrivals in Germany preparing to meet my student advisor, Taha. Well, lo-and-behold, once I left the airport he was standing at arrivals! And he didn’t come alone! Taha also brought my roommate, Julius. First words out of Taha’s mouth were introductions, of course. Second words, however, were “do you smoke?”

Oh Taha, I wish you knew me at that point to know that that couldn’t be further from the truth. Then came, “how old are you?” I replied, “I’m 21,” to which he exclaimed, “why come to Germany?! You can already drink in the States.” True. I can drink in the States. And I’ve tried it. However, I find alcohol pretty disgusting, so I’m definitely wondering what kind of semester this will be with these blokes.

We left the airport and headed across the street to just narrowly miss the tram toward our destination. We stood at the platform while Julius rolled a cigarette and we talked about random things, mostly my flight and where I was from. When we finally got on the train it was my turn to ask questions, and I got the full brief on Jacobs. At this point I started feeling super jet-lagged and was getting kind of loopy, so I noticed Julius and Taha giving me weird looks.

We got to Jacobs, grabbed dinner on campus (where I met several of their friends of whom I don’t remember most of their names, aside from Diego, Benji, Vikram, and Lennart (who looks a lot of my friend Shep from Denison). We made our rounds, picked up my orientation materials for the following day (the day I’m currently writing this), and went to see the porter (bad translation of security guard) for my key.

When I got to my room, I just wanted to crash. At this point I was super jet-lagged and still had to unpack. Julius invited me out with him to party, but I unpacked and passed out on my bed. Welcome to Germany!

This morning, I woke up and went on a run to explore (and hopefully establish a good habit for this semester) at 7:30am and checked my email and tried to find the room I was supposed to be in at 10. After some searching and asking the guy in the library, I discovered the ICC Conference Room was actually in the library. I sat down, said “Hallo!” to Yuliya, and got some tea before the presentation. I was about a half hour early but I figured it was fine. It gave me time to talk to other exchange students and I was pünktlich which almost all Germans are in support of.

We went through the day talking about forms, going on tours, awkwardly introducing ourselves to each other (and then reintroducing when we forgot each other’s names), and grabbing lunch. Eventually we got to register, which was extremely seamless and easy compared to Denison procedure.

After grabbing dinner, I headed back to my room to take a nap and instead wrote this post. How great of me. Bye bye.