The Post-Party Period

January 29, 2017

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Since my last post, I’ve made some pretty good friends that are other exchange students. I really enjoy hanging out with them and we have had a lot of fun the past two days. We all met on our trip to Bremen on Saturday afternoon. Friday night was rather interesting and I met many of my roommates friends (as well as some exchange students that showed up). Julius knows how to throw a really great party and is always pushing me out of my comfort zone, which is nice but also a little unnerving at times.

On Saturday morning, I kept with my new habit of running in the morning (of which I broke on Sunday because I slept through my alarm). I returned, grabbed a roll from the serverie, and left for the front gate where we were meeting to take a trip to Downtown Bremen. Jacobs students are given a pass for unlimited travel anywhere in Bremen and several neighboring cities, so that came in handy when traveling (and will undoubtedly come in handy in the future).

When we reached Bremen, we travelled through the Hauptbahnhof and were slowed by Bremen and Munich football (soccer) fans. There were police all over the place and several fans were getting rather rowdy. We passed on by as this wasn’t a big deal to us, and we continued to Bremen’s Marktplatz. Visible from this central location were historical buildings (one of which was a “World Heritage Site”) that were stunning and ridiculously enormous when age is considered. Here we met a tour guide who showed us all of the presumably touristy things about Bremen. It was lots of fun, he told us many stories, and then he left us to do our own thing in Bremen.

The Bremen Rathaus is on the left and the Roland Statue is straight ahead.

When we separated, several of us were really hungry, but we also didn’t want to pay a lot. So, I stayed with 3 other people––Dariya, Daniel, and Thura––to go get food. We headed for food stands for a good old-fashioned bratwurst. It was delicious and well worth the hype that it receives. We then went to a little cafe for some coffee to warm up. Once we left the cafe, we headed back to the Hauptbahnhof to catch a train back to campus. We then decided to go shopping with what little time was left of the day, so we transferred from tram to bus almost immediately when we got to campus to go shopping in Vegesack (where I didn’t buy anything extremely notable…).

Eventually we returned from Vegesack, caught dinner, and went to TOS (“The Other Side”, Jacob’s on-campus…club?) for some fun!

Since then, I’ve been back to Vegesack for several more errands and have been all around campus. I’m starting to get comfortable and am having lots of fun. It’s going to be a great semester!