A Weekend In Hamburg

February 5, 2017

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I'm writing this quite a bit of time after coming back from Hamburg, so I'm hoping I can remember it all. Keep that in mind.

Hamburg was a spur of the moment decision. We had talked about it quite a bit previously, but it wasn't until Thursday night that we decide we would leave on Friday night—I enjoy last minute decisions. We looked through the train schedule and realized we could catch a train Friday night for free with our SemesterPass and then we started to look for an AirBnB. I brought up the handy dandy map view, found a map that was close enough to the heart of Hamburg, and checked out a place that was around €95 a night and booked it. It looked pretty adorable from the pictures, so we thought it seemed pretty nice. We bought the AirBnB and that was the last we thought about it.

Around 6:45pm we hopped on the train at the Schönebeck station and made our way to Bremen Hbf. The train to Hamburg Hbf was about an hour long, but it was a nice ride. We arrived just on time to catch the train...it was sort of uncanny. By the time we were on the train, the outside was really dark—combined with the light on the inside of the train, it was impossible to see anything outside. Regardless, the train ride was cool (and I got a good view outside on the way back).

When we finally got to Hamburg we had to find the key to our AirBnB that was hidden near the train station. The problem was that we had no idea where. We knew it was in a lock box that had a digital code, but all of the lock boxes we could find were accessed by keys. THE BIGGEST PROBLEM was that we only had until 10pm to get the key...and it was 9pm when we finally got there. We searched for about 20 minutes before breaking down and messaging Jenny (the owner of the AirBnB) to see if she could help us find it. She warned me prior that she'd be at a concert from 6-10pm, so I was really worried that she wouldn't see the text. Eventually she sent a PDF with directions. It was wonderful. Still, I had trouble finding the place with the directions, and once I got into the little Turkish shop where the lock box was I had to reach passed some random guy while muttering "bitte" and "entschuldigung".

This is Downtown Hamburg over the Alster. Absolutely beautiful.

BUT, I found the key and then I got back to Dariya and Daniel (who were walking slow, so I left them to find the key). We headed west of the Alster and up the side of it. We headed past the US consulate (we were a meter away from US soil!) and straight to Jenny's apartment. We were rather tired and wanted to see the AirBnB. We got there and it was adorable just as expected. Jenny decorated the apartment with tons of books, historical looking photos, and it smelled wonderful. We slept well that night and got up bright and early ready to explore Hamburg. We grabbed breakfast (I don't remember where) and grabbed some coffee.

We walked around Hamburg a lot. We saw the main sights (Rathaus and whatnot), went to the Miniature Wonderland (really freaking awesome), and I even got to eat a hamburg in Hamburg!

Rome in Miniature Wonderland.

After the day's events everyone's feet were pretty tired. We looked for a quaint Irish pub but couldn't find one that was not packed to the brim, so we went to a store, bought some wine and beer, and we went back to Jenny's. On the way there, we stopped near the Alster and sat on a bench for a rather philosophical conversation for about half an hour. When we made it back, we continued the conversation but with some drinks—it was rather interesting. Lots of fun! Really relaxed and continued late into the night.

The next morning we got up early to prep the apartment for departure. We cleaned it so it looked like we were never even there and I even wrote a little note to Jenny. The previous night Dan and I noticed an American diner, so we headed there for breakfast. It was pretty yummy, but it was definitely not American diner quality, lol. We headed from here to the Hauptbahnhof, hopped on a train for Bremen, and went back to Jacobs.

All the while, I planned my trip to Copenhagen in two weeks! I had a little bit of trouble with getting Huntington to accept my card abroad (and then I had trouble confirming it was me because their texting system is dumb) but it all worked out in the end! Woo! So Cope in two weeks.

Also, I found out that I'll be rooming with Oliver in Taylor next year, so that's pretty fun too! It'll take some getting used to and I'll have to establish personal space...but I think it'll work out well.