Another Day In Bremen

February 10, 2017

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Wow, a lot has happened since my last post. I’m writing this significantly after my last post too, so this should be a good test of how much I remember. I’m running a pattern (pretty consistently, actually) of posting what I did a week later. Not only do I hate reflective writing, but I really hate reflective writing a week later when I can’t remember anything. I’ve probably already said this in one of these posts before but…I don’t really care. I still hate it and repetition is simply enforcing my feelings.

Ok, so, I’ve now completed two legs of the tripod of German bureaucracy. I hate it. But it’s a necessary evil, I suppose. When I first arrived I knew that I had to register with Bremen authorities, get my residence permit (the equivalent of a visa), and get my health insurance. Well, I’ve now completed the first two. I already posted about registering with the authorities in Bremen (I’m not linking the post…go find it yourself ya slug) and I finally made the trip to downtown Bremen to register with the country! Woo!

It was an annoying process. First, I had to get up early which upset me. Second, I had to miss a class, which also upset me (but not nearly as much). We all got to the place to get our residence permits and the German fellas helping us out were rather cranky. I got the crankiest of them all, but I was well prepared so he liked me (hairflip). I got my fingerprint done (fancy) and I paid 100 Euro (not fun). But now I am done and officially allowed in Germany until August, even though I’m only staying until May 31.

The Bremen Town Musicians.

After this process, I waited for several other exchange students and we decided to explore the Bremen main square a little bit more (including going to the Town Musicians statue again so I could finally get my picture with it and make a wish). Jack, Brooke, and I made our way to a street thats name would be translated to “Barrel Street”. It used to be a place where barrels were manufactured and then it was bought up by a coffee magnate (the guy who invented decaf!) when all of the barrel manufacturers went out of business. So, now it’s filled with lots of little coffee shops, so we went to sit in one of them and wait for Gabi who would be joining us shortly.

We didn’t stay in Bremen for too long. On our first visit to Bremen we walked through Schnoor, a quaint little neighborhood. Whilst there we noticed a nifty little place called Katzen Cafe (Cat Cafe). We thought it was hilarious because of the name, but we didn’t think much about it again. After we picked up Gabi, we decided to go here. It was pretty cool! First of all, it was much classier than we originally thought it would be. White table clothes were placed and the waiter was wearing a vest and bow tie. We were all dressed like college students so we felt slightly out of place…however, no one was in there so we didn’t mind. I ordered the grünkohl, which was absolutely delicious. By the time we were finished, we were all ready for a nap. We left, however, and went to a department store (which I’m blanking of on the name right now). I bought a chocolate bar that was yummy…but that was it. No clothes from the department store.

Once we were done, we figured we had had enough and it was time to go home. I had some Netflix to catch up on, and I also wanted to get dinner and see other people. All in all, our day in Bremen was very well spent and I had a great time! Now I just have to finish the darn third leg of the tripod and I will be good to go! For now, I sit on my train heading to Copenhagen AND I’M SUPER EXCITED TO REPORT BACK ON THE TRIP TO COPENHAGEN WHEN I’M ON MY RETURNING TRAIN! WOO!