Lost On A Run!

March 8, 2017

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Since I arrived in Germany, I’ve been trying to live a more healthy life. It’s really difficult with the snacks and bread they have everywhere, but I’M TRYING. Not only have I been looking to better my diet, but I’ve also been trying to get a little more physically engaged lately. Namely, I’ve been trying to run daily. Interestingly enough, I feel most comfortable when running really late at night when no one is around, so I often leave for runs around 10 or 11pm.

Last night, I left for a run at 11:30pm expecting it to be a normal run. I took a little bit of a different path than normal in an effort to get to know Bremen-Vegesack a little bit better, but…I took a turn for the worst I guess. I started off running about 2.5mi (yes, I’m logging in miles because someone on my running log complained about me using kilometers…cough cough Jo cough cough). I was feeling pretty good—the land in Germany is flat, so it wasn’t too much of a challenge to just kind of mindlessly cruise. Things wen’t wrong at about 3mi. I died. I just couldn’t run anymore. And in my confusion/exhaustion, I obviously took a wrong turn at some point. I started walking, went the wrong way, and at some point realized I had been walking for a long while and was lost.

At this point, I continue to walk forward hoping that I’d find my way, I get passed by some suspicious looking police officers, and I realize that I’m doing all of this at 12:30 at night…awkward.

Eventually I found a sign that was directing me for Haven Höövt and followed it. While this lead me to a place I was familiar with, I still had a long way to walk. Suspicious stares from Turkish men in spielhalles were frequent and I walked down the poorly lit German road (probably at 1am now) in the cold. It was unfortunate, haha. Still, I tried to be optimistic. I enjoyed the night air and stretched my legs on the way back to Jacobs.

When I got back, I realized I had probably gone about 9mi in all and my legs hurt like a bitch. But yeah, that’s my story about how I got lost in my own German neighborhood.