March 11, 2017

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While it's certainly not the most exciting destination, I made the decision to go to Osnabrück...and it honestly wasn't too bad! We found lots to do in Osnabrück, things to see, and weird art museums to go to. Thank God for free travel via our SemesterPass.

When we first boarded the train, things were looking up. Soon after, these young parents and their 3 kids entered the train. Oh no. The entire duration of the trip to Osnabrück the kids screamed and yelled and it was miserable. Even more unfortunate was the fact that I didn't have my earbuds, so I had to rawdawg the entire train ride with the children yelling. Ugh.

However, I did make it to Osnabrück alive and without killing anyone...thankfully. When we got there, we didn't really have a plan...we never really do. So, we decided to just kind of walk around until we came up with a plan. We knew for sure that we were hungry so we stopped to get some Asian food. Problem was, nobody there spoke English. Naturally, this wasn't too big of a problem for Daniel and me. We both ordered in German and tried to answer any questions they had in German. Pretty decent. Thura, however, doesn't speak any German...so that was a struggle. It was hard enough understanding what he wanted in English so we could translate it to German for us. In the end, we managed to get everything correct (even after the Asian guys got mad at Daniel for taking the wrong meal at first).

When we left a river appeared soon after so we walked along that until we started seeing cathedrals all over the place and decided to get a little bit more adventurous with our exploring. Knowing how important our knowledge of German is, Daniel and I decided to institute mandatory 15 minute German speaking periods every hour which really made Thura mad... oh well. We decided at some random point to head for the botanical gardens and made our way along a path. We took several detours; on one of them we saw a cool question door and got pictures with it. German backroads are really cool and historic looking. After walking through lots of muddy paths to get to the botanical gardens, we get to the gate to see it is closed. Some really old guy running by saw us at the gate and yelled in German that it was close. Daniel said we didn't speak German so he (surprisingly) told us it was closed in English and ran off. I never would have expected some old guy to be able to speak English!

Because we were rejected from the botanical gardens, we decided that we would head back in the way we came. When we found "civilization" again, a large chapel-like building appeared and made itself readily-available in our sight. Walking closer, it became evident that we had happened upon an art museum (Kunsthalle)...and a modern art museum at that. At the point that we arrived we were still in "German" speaking time, so we couldn't tell Thura we wanted to go into the museum. Therefore, we waited outside like fools until the time came that we could speak English to Thura. Thura agreed to join us in the Kunsthalle and so we discussed with the lady at the front and discovered it would be 3 Euros entrance. "Not terrible," we though. Dan and Thura hung their coats up and we entered the exhibit. It was...strange. There were overhead projectors projecting dust onto orange circles on the wall and a sculpture with a fan and a cassette player and a sculpture with a bunch of record players. We read the (mostly German) plaques beside the art and made our way through. There wasn't a lot of material, so it made sense that it was only 3 Euros for the entire exhibit. However, the crowning jewel was the last section we made our way through. The door opened and we grabbed burlap sacks to sit on. The reason the Kunsthalle looked like a chapel was because IT USED TO BE A CHAPEL. We walked into an old chapel that was entirely dark with weird mystical music playing and only light from the boarded windows shining through. We were told to sit down and enjoy ourselves for a short period of time...we weren't quite sure what to do. We sat for about 15 minutes, quasi-meditated, stared at the light on the wall...and then left.

The Kunsthalle was a strange experience (much akin to the modern art exhibit I saw with my friends Jo and Tristan two years prior), but it was definitely an interesting and fun one. Once we left we were instantly out of good ideas for things to do again. We walked around until our legs were sore and found a playground. With few kids around we did what any mature college-aged kids would do—we played! It was lots of fun, we got a little bit of a workout, and I discovered just how poor my balance is! Coffee was next, then a college campus visit, and finally we walked back to the train station and called it a day (did you like how a summed those events up in a single sentence since I'm sick of writing?).

Unfortunately, the fun wasn't over. We grabbed a RB (regional bahn) train instead of a RE (regional express) train which tooks us almost 3 hours (it took about an hour on the way there). We missed dinner and it sucked. The train was dumb and I was super mad. Furthermore, Dan kept singing in the Bremen Hbf when waiting for the Bremen-Farge connection and I wanted to kick him. The end.