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April 15, 2017

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I had to wait a while because his hostel boss kept him over working longer than he was supposed to but eventually I said goodbye to Ramallah, took a touristy photo with the "WeRamallah" sign, Yusuf said something really,

There's a famous restaurant in Spongebob. I think it was a lobster restaurant.

(it's the freaking Krusty Krab Yusuf!), and we hopped the 218 back to Jerusalem.

This ride to Jerusalem was also really annoying...and it's even worse to think about the fact that it was only annoying because I had to experience what Palestinians normally have to experience. When we got to the checkpoint between Israel and Palestine, the soldiers (for the first time ever) told Yusuf that because he had a Jordanian visa in his US passport that he'd have to go through security. This sucked because it meant I had to go with him if we didn't want to get separated. So, we went through the whole demeaning process of being checked for...idk, bombs? It didn't seem very effective at doing anything other than annoying people, and we had to deal with dumb Israeli soldiers that were power tripping real hard. Annoying. Furthermore, I lost my first freaking ticket in the first bus so I had to pay for the second leg twice.

When we arrived, we ended up in east Jerusalem but walked to the west thinking we might find something to eat or see. We. Were. So. Wrong. Shabbat was in full force, so absolutely nothing was open in Jerusalem. We walked around, cursed Shabbat, asked a guy in a hotel where some gentiles might eat and he told us to eat in the Old City (where we had just come from). Ugh, more walking.

This is normal in Jerusalem. Taking the kids for a walk? Bring an assault rifle.

Eventually, we decided to go to a restaurant where Yusuf knew the owner in east Jerusalem. It was pretty good and felt very Americanized. As you could probably guess, I loved it. It was actually pretty reasonably priced too. Here I was able to recharge my phone and refuel before sitting on a bus to Tel Aviv and then having to find my hostel.

After our meal, Yusuf and I walked a bit further, looked for an ATM, but when we finally got to Demarcus Gate we had to part ways. It was sad to have to see goodbye to Yusuf, but I'll see him again when I'm back in the states and at school in August. He lives in Columbus so he isn't too far away. Well go get Ethiopian food or something!

Bus ride: normal. Finding hostel: easy. However, I wasn't expecting my hostel to be as lit as it was. There was a freaking party raging, which was annoying because I just wanted to go to bed. Yusuf and Elise (the French girl) had recommended this hostel, but I thought it was really lousy compared to Little Tel Aviv.

So, yeah, that was pretty much it for the night. I went to bed (and distinctly remember dropping my phone from the top bunk of a bunk bed without it breaking). Decent night's sleep.