Last Day In Israel

April 16, 2017

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The next day seems to move so quickly. I get up, shower quickly, realize that the girl in the bunk beside mine was reallllyyyy attractive, and go grab some breakfast. Breakfast consists of some weird cracker things with Nutella (not complaining--not good or bad...just meh)...but seriously though, she was really attractive. At breakfast I notice there are lots of Aussies at this hostel. They are kind of obnoxious, smelly, and rather loud. I prefer the Germans in Little Tel Aviv, haha. Anyway, yeah, out into the world of Tel Aviv hoping those crackers hold me over until Munich (spoiler alert: they do!).

I told myself that before I left that I wanted to go back to the beach one last time. So, I walk to the beach, trying to stay in the shade and avoid a sunburn any further than I already had during the week, and just kind of sit around for an hour. It doesn't sound super productive after the fact, but I assure you that it was. It was wonderful and relaxing and just what I needed before traveling for a long time again.

After that time was up, I headed for the train station and wait a while for the train.