Bremen Bound

April 16, 2017

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I'm pretty ahead of the game. I knew Ben Gurion security was supposed to take super long, so I try to arrive extra just so happened that I was about 5 hours early. Haha, oops. The train comes (I distinctly remember how they were not electric powered like the trains here in Europe) and I board it. I'm not quite sure how long it is supposed to go or where to get off—again, Israel signage is atrocious. Despite this, I find my stop and step out onto the platform ready to take on Ben Gurion.

Apparently it's also ready to take me on. Lo and behold, I'm selected for a random in-depth security screening. This is probably in large part due to the fact that I arrived so early, but still...blech. They ask me all sorts of questions and want to check my hostel reservations and whatnot. Really annoying, but I suppose it was part of a training procedure so it was okay. I wouldn't be doing anything important.

After the security screening, the security guy let me cut all of the people in the line for carry-on baggage. It was pretty cool. I felt like a celebrity cutting all of the peasants that were waiting in line. But then I had to deal with Ben Gurion's actual security. They made me take my shoes off, they removed everything from my bag, and they did tons of full body scans. It was annoying. But I suppose that's how you are awarded the rank of safest airport in the world.

I sat around in Ben Gurion waiting for my flight for what seemed like forever. I ate a whole can of Pringles and a Reese's while waiting and then tried to walk around the airport (like that small amount of exercise would fix my binge). Eventually, my plane started boarding and we were off to Munich.

The entire flight from Tel Aviv to Munich these two Russian ladies talked extremely loudly and wouldn't stop talking right beside me. It was a long flight, my head hurt, and I was thirsty. That was aggravating.

Got off the flight, Munich was clean and easy to navigate, and their seats in their terminals didn't have armrests so sleeping wasn't terrible. I only got around 4 hours for the night, but it's better than what I got on the way there. Munich has gained a place in my heart as one of my favorite airports...maybe even my favorite. However, when I got up in the morning the food options were't great.

Last flight was late to leave but early to arrive so I was able to catch an earlier train! Woo! I got back to Bremen an hour earlier and was able to catch up on some random things before my class. It was a good trip and I thoroughly enjoyed experiencing a part of the Middle East. Here's to more trips in the area (assuming the US doesn't keep screwing things up diplomatically!).