A Very Bauhaus Trip

May 16, 2017

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Our trip for the Bauhaus seemed simultaneously extremely long and rather short. It's hard to explain. Perhaps it's because I slept a lot on the trip, but perhaps not. We were traveling to the Bauhaus for an art history class. If you don't know what the Bauhaus is, I highly recommend you look it up...it's actually decently interesting and was really influential.

Anyway, our travel was all covered for us...Izzy (our professor...actual name Isabel, we called her Izzy behind her back because she is swag personified) planned it all. We left around 7am and were all groggy, especially since dining halls aren't open that early and we couldn't eat until later when we had a longer layover. We hopped the train to Bremen Hbf and then we left for our first leg: Hannover. The trip went quickly and we arrived with a half hour layover. Hannover was very lively—there were concerts going on and the sun was out...it was beautiful. We went to a coffee place because Gabi wanted coffee and then Lillian and I decided to also get drinks (at Balzac Coffee!). They were nice for the trip...from here, we were on to our next leg. To Göttingen!

We're all super excited to be in the middle-of-nowhere, Germany.

Finally, after a two hour train ride we arrived in Weimar. I wasn't expecting to like Weimar as much as I did, but I think it was actually one of my favorite, if not my favorite, Germany city. It had charm, was quaint, and it had so much preserved culture and history. We stopped by the hostel that we'd be staying at and dropped off our belongings before heading out to do the important things we were set out to do. Led by Izzy, we made our way to the Bauhaus museum in Weimar and it was absolutely majestic.

When we first walked in there was a work of art by Johannes Itten (my favorite Bauhaus artist) and I nearly cried (not really, but kinda). It was wonderful. After the Bauhaus museum, we got ice cream from a delicious place and looked at weird bug things because Gabriele has a weird obsession. Thankfully, she didn't buy anything from the store...many of the products were rather creepy. After this, we walked a little ways to the historic Bauhaus school and got a walking tour from a bearded Canadian (basically, just a Canadian). He told us about architecture and was super excited about Bauhaus history. He told us Itten was Austrian, which was wrong. He is from Switzerland. We walked around for several hours and even went into a disgusting experimental house. I mean, it really wasn't suitable for living. I suppose they realized that soon enough.

From the house, we walked to a pizza place that our TA person thing, Veronica, recommended. We ordered pizza, chilled with Izzy, and eventually it started raining heavily on us. Still, we ate outside and enjoyed each other's company (even with Izzy's pizza coming late) until it rained really hard and we had to move inside. Here, we talked about all sorts of nonsense and polished off our meals. It was an enjoyable and very relaxing night. After dinner, we walked back to our hostel and, because nothing too notable was going on, I just kind of passed out at 10:30pm. I think that's the earliest I've fallen asleep in a LONG time.

I woke up early (or at least earlier than everyone else) the next morning and got some breakfast. It was nice just chilling by myself for a little while...detoxing from being around people all the time. While eating, we learned that because of the cyber attack in Europe that there were all sorts of delays. This led to many adventures, in the words of Dr. Wünsche (Izzy). It took us 4 train changes and a bus in order to actually reach our next stop. We spent most of the morning traveling. Eventually, however, we ended up in Dessau, the next stop on our great Bauhaus trip.

In Dessau, we got right to work after eating at the Bauhaus. I got very good tomato soup and had to chug my coke. It was sad. Then we went to the master houses and explored them with Izzy. It was informational and the houses were actually surprisingly nifty. From the master houses, we went to the actual Bauhaus for a school tour. We met up with our awesome tour guide who was wearing an awesome Bauhaus shirt and he showed us around. We saw the theatre space, the cafeteria (B9 chairs $600), and even Gropius office space. The building was very hot and smelly in Gropius office (probably because Gabriele was there).

We went through the park and people weren't wearing shoes. I intercepted a frisbee that wasn't meant for me. We continued walking toward the cafe that we had previously decided upon and ordered some delicious cake and coffee. The lady spilled a bunch of shit everywhere and glass shattered and Gabriele was mortally wounded.

When the time came, we had to leave to catch our train to Berlin. I bought more gummies because they're delicious and I have a problem.

The train to Berlin was a fun ride. We were all loopy at that point so we were just laughing at stupid jokes and doing absolutely nothing productive. Eventually we rolled into Berlin like straight up thugs with Izzy and we caught the S-Bahn to the area around our hostel in North Korean. We checked in, they only gave keys to half of us because they're cheap bastards, but then a Lillian, Gabriele, and I decided to head out for some drinks. We walked to a plaza and Lillian called her friend from Berlin (John) and we all went out and bought some beers from a grocery and drank on the streets of Berlin (I know this seems like a pattern...it is). It was very pleasant and while Lillian and John caught up, Gabriele and I had a nice little conversation.

Eventually it was decided that we should head back, so of course Gabriele and I instigate and finagle our way into more beer. We go back, buy more, and walk back to the hostel. However, I convince everyone to do another detour. We go to Checkpoint Charlie around 1 in the morning and get lots of pictures but then have to hurry back because everyone has to pee.

We return to our North Korean hostel and use the restroom. Lillian decided to go to bed and her friend returns home. Gabrielle and I head down to the bar and outside to grab one last drink for the night. We enjoy the night air and our cheap Berlin beer and have some more conversation akin to earlier.

Eventually we get to talking about people and the name "Alan" comes up. Well, a man sitting next to us says that Alan was from Argentina. He surely isn't, but the guy was so curious that our Alan's were the same person. So we struck up a conversation. The guy was from Israel and I shared some travel stories and he told me his thoughts on traveling, Israel, and how he is pro-Palestine. It was a good time and he was very nice.

Before too late, Gabrielle and I decide it's a good time to get some sleep because we have to be up early the next day. We say our good nights and hit the hay.

The next morning, I wake up to the sounds of one of my roommates (transition lenses guy) and a rather unusually hot room. I get a shower, get dressed, brush my teeth, and wait in the lobby for Gabi and Lillian for breakfast. We go to a bakery and I get a chocolate chip thing and some delicious chocolate milk. Good choices, me.

We head back to the North Korean hostel for the last time and leave for the Bauhaus museum with Izzy. It isn't very exciting, but it's the last time we get to see Izzy so it is rather emotional. After this, we separate and it's just me and Lillian alone in Berlin.

Lil and I enjoying the Column of Victory!

I still want to see tourist attractions so we go to the Column of Victory (awkward) and then walk through to the Brandenburger Tor. It's really nifty and we even get to see the US embassy (to add to my collection). We then got some touristy lunch and talked for a bit before deciding to go to the Reichstag to meet Lillian's friend John again.

We sat in front of the Reichstag for a while. I fell asleep once and think I might have gotten sunburnt from that period of time. Oops. It was nice to just kind of relax. We then moved to the park and sat there for a while before going to the Berlin Hbf to catch out train back home. Here, Lillian and I had a feast with döner, ice cream (delicious!), and some peach rings (again) to finish things off. By the end of this time, our train arrives and we are off to Hamburg to catch our train back to Bremen.

On the train there are plugs and the seats recline...we are in the pinnacle of luxury. The train is an ICE so it's moving super quickly and we're having fun. We both have exams to study for but can't help but overhear the lady in front of us speaking on the phone. She is mixing English and French and it's a strange phenomenon. Eventually she accidentally leans into Lillian and we all have a good laugh.