May 19, 2017

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No, this isn't an exciting "travel post," but rather it's just me procrastinating and taking a break from studying for finals. All in all, I have 4 final exams (and a final paper for the Bauhaus class which I already turned in...see this post). I've already taken my first exam, the one for German Politics and Culture, and I think it went really well. The exam was exactly as expected and I think I studied thoroughly for it. Drs. Gohr and Deutsch were really great professors and really made me care about the material.

However, now I'm studying for an ethics exam for a course that isn't very comprehensive, thought-provoking, or challenging. The professor will probably test the class on a bunch of senseless definitions tomorrow instead of challenging us to come up with arguments or an analysis of different quandaries. The professor is basically just using the course as a means of lecturing us about his viewpoints and it's pretty silly...

Then, after another reading day I'll have my Software Engineering exams which will likely be silly too (the midterm was). The professor is kind of clueless and isn't teaching relevant material—he took his slides from some random source and they are from 2002. That is like an eternity in the world of tech. I don't understand him. Oftentimes only me and 2 other people showed up to class despite the fact that 45 people are registered for it. Again, another joke.

Last I'll have my geo exam. The course was split into three sections and it's been another generally enjoyable course. I feel like I have learned a great deal about lots of different subjects (space, oceanography, and geology) and the professors seemed really invested in what they were teaching. The material that will seemingly be on the exam seems straight forward—you either know it or you don't. Good.

Overall, I haven't been extremely impressed with Jacobs' academics. I miss Denison in that regard a great deal.