A Drink With Dr. White

May 23, 2017

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Last night Gabriele and I were paid a visit by the incomparable David Andrew Victor White—what a man. Before meeting up with him we thought that it might be kind of awkward meeting up with a professor to just “grab a beer,” but it turned out to be kind of the opposite. I’m super jealous of the life he leads now and want to do stuff very similar to him. He’s super cool. Slight man crush on this dude.

Gabriele and I waited outside the train station in the area of great degeneracy until we found David Andrew Victor White walking out the front door of the Hauptbahnhof. He has a pack on his back…and his front…and his hair has become quite the mane. He notices us and starts walking toward us. We do our introductions and decide we’d head toward the river to grab some drinks.

Of course, on the way we stop at all of the important touristy destinations. Dr. White wants to see the Rathaus, the Bürgerschaft, the Roland statue, and even the old Chamber of Commerce building. We get pictures in all sorts of different places and have to ask German pictures to fumble around with Dr. White’s big DSLR, but we manage! We’re all impressed by how light it is despite the fact that it’s 9:00pm, and the sky is absolutely beautiful. We take Dr. White down the Böttcherstraße and tell him the story of Bremen’s decaf coffee magnate, and before we know it we’re at the river. We grab a beer at the Biergarten and sit down for a nice little talk. In the distance are some old sail boats and the Beck’s brewery…it’s a really great night (again, I know).

We talk about Jacobs and studying abroad. We go through an array of different topics and even vary from the “business” talk, thank god. Dr. White tells us of all his travels and how wonderful being an academic is for traveling, meeting new people, and learning new things. I’m jealous of his profession and all the traveling he does. He’s been to South East Asia, tons of places in Europe, South America, Northern Africa, and all over America. He even plans on going to Antarctica during his sabbatical…which is a dream of mine. Furthermore, he didn’t just “go to these places” just to say he went to them. He has stories from all of these places and has done lots of things in them. He told us about his “flirting” with girls in Poland and the time he went to Taiwan, wasn’t allowed to sleep in the airport, and then had to sleep outside on a bench with rats running around his bench.

Don't worry what others think about you. Do your piece and get on with your travels.

We finish our drinks, walk toward the Schnoorviertel, and show Dr. White around a little more. It’s really empty at night time but its charm remains. He mentioned that he planned on visiting again when the daylight was present, and we then went to one more bar to grab a drink. We sat outside until the bar was closing and talked a little bit more about Jacobs and our experience before deciding it was time to leave since we had to catch our train. The last one left at 12:04, but we thought we might be able to catch the 11:34 if we ran. So we did. We ran and got about 5 minutes out from the Hbf with about 3 minutes to go when we decided it wasn’t worth it.

SO! Instead we (actually pretty much just me) decided it was a good idea to check out Bremen’s red light district at night. I remembered seeing it during the day and thought interesting things might be happening there during the night time…they weren’t. I. Made. One. Of. My. Department’s. Professors. Go. To. The. Red. Light. District. Yeah, nothing sketch, unfortunately, was happening. I was hoping we’d see something noteworthy. Alas, we decided that NOW we’d head for the train station to catch our train back to Bremen.

We waited around in the Hbf for the train. While on the platform a pigeon shit on me…that sucked. I took off my over-shirt and made Gabi clean it out of my hair. Blech. The train eventually arrived and we made our way to Bremen-Schönebeck. The train ride was pretty silent. We were all pretty tired.

Eventually, we got back and helped Dr. White get his keys from the porter and walked him to the Guest House. We said our goodnights (and goodbyes) and made our way back to Nord. I hopped in the shower to get the bird crap out of my hair and fell asleep almost immediately. Long day. Fun day. Made me realize that I will, in fact, miss Bremen.