Chocolate In Hamburg!

May 25, 2017

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No, this isn't a delicious treat (although I'd probably try some chocolate on a hamburger...). I took a trip to a chocolate factory in Hamburg with a few people! Several days prior a few people mentioned that they were going to Hamburg to shop and go to a beach bar. I was in for the experience. Later on, those plans got altered to include a trip to the chocolate factory too, so at that point I was ecstatic. However, I forgot about it until the day before and when I was reminded wasn't sure if I wanted to go...nevertheless, I decided to go.

We met up with one of Brooke's friends on the train on the way there and they all spoke while I half fell asleep the entire train ride. I do, however, remember talking about data with Brooke at some point. She loves data. It seemed that I woke up just in time for arriving at the Hamburg Hbf and we headed out into Hamburg. I love the city; it's clean, historic, and it's got a nice big city feel without being too enormous.

We walked around for what seemed like a while (and the walking seemed kind of nonsensical...felt like we were lost quite a few times). Eventually, we "found" the chocolate factory and walked in. It didn't smell as incredible as I expected (I'm so used to Harry London's, which is wonderful...or Hershey which made the entire city smell like chocolate), but there were some interesting photos of people with chocolate smeared all over their had my spine a-tinglin'. Yuck.

When we went to buy our tickets for the guided tour, we were kind of hit with a bombshell...they only had two tickets left for the English tour and there were 7 (I think?) of us...awkward. We all discussed amongst ourselves and decided it was probably best for Brooke and Lillian to do the English tour. That meant the rest of us did the German tour...which was interesting. So, for 90 minutes we listened to our tour guide speak in very fast German. Surprisingly enough, I think I actually understood most of what he had to say. He was very good at miming what he was doing and occasionally translating tough German words into English for those of us that didn't speak German. The tour, altogether, wasn't terrible despite the whole German thing. I got a lot of free chocolate out of it, and I even got to make a chocolate bar (which I still need to get back from Maaike because she has it somewhere!).

Maaike enjoys her one true love: chocolate.

As we left the chocolate museum, I had a really bad headache and everyone was talking about food. I wasn't very hungry, but I went along for the ride. Everybody got ridiculously large burgers in Hamburg and was going to town on them. I just kind of chilled and suffered as my head throbbed. No big deal. After everyone finished eating, we (well, a few people and then everyone else seemed to go along with it...) decided it would be best to head back. Gabriele really wanted to go to the beach bar, so I think she was rather upset, but oh well. It seemed like everyone else was pretty laissez-faire about the whole thing.

We walked through Hamburg to the train station to catch the next train from Hamburg to Bremen and made it with about 10 minutes to spare until the next train. I decided, in my infinite knowledge, to use this time to get some fries in the train station. In hindsight, probably not the best decision. It made me feel worse and almost made me miss the train. Still, in the moment it seemed like a great idea.

I hopped on the train, looked for the rest of the group, and we made our way back! Gabriele and I sat together and she was kind of moody (yep, I said it) because she didn't get to stay in Hamburg for longer, but I think she was fine after I started spitting nonsense and making her laugh. Gabriele seems like she's really going to miss being abroad and being at Jacobs—I don't think she's the happiest at Denison, unfortunately. Meanwhile, I'm missing the heck out of Denidoo!

When we arrived back to Bremen, the girls stopped in the city for a drink...I, on the other hand, took the next train back to Jacobs and passed the heck out when I got there. All I remember from the rest of that day is waking up at midnight and not being able to fall asleep again until 4am because of my roommate's party. Awk.