Exchange BBQ

May 26, 2017

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The semester is coming to an end. The weather is beautiful. Everyone's outside. Life is good. I spent a good amount of my time inside doing genealogy research today because I have a slight obsession...but I'm making a great deal of leeway. I have traced back my family to at least 4 generations on all stems, but I'm still having a little bit of trouble tracing what happened to my family before they came to the US. Ireland doesn't seem to have very good records, and there seem to be A LOT of John Craigs in Ireland in the 1700s. I guess time will tell? I might end up going to County Down in Ireland one day to figure it out.

Around dinner time I get a text from Jack that says, "Hey are you coming to the exchange student BBQ?" Well, I didn't really realize that there was an exchange student BBQ, but once I found out that there was free food I was all about it. So yeah, I went to the area in front of Pulse (an on-campus store's hard to describe) and found Jack, Brooke, a few other exchange students, and Karl (the kid running the student part of the exchange program).

We sit down, talk a bit about random stuff, and soon after one of the Appetito (Jacobs' food service) staff members announces that dinner is ready! We all charge the table to look for something delicious. The food was leaps and bounds better than everything in the servery...and it was free. What a treat. I had like three pieces of chicken and felt sick afterward. We all sat around and talked and we even got pictures taken by one of Jacobs' student photographers (I think his name was Liam? Karl constantly just called him "this guy" a bunch). People made fun of my style abilities (although they may call them disabilities). I think everyone was just jealous of my Croc sandals...with socks.

Near the end of the meal we were looking for something else to top off our desires. We remembered that the serveries had some froyo (actually, it might have just been Nordmetall...not sure), so we decided to stop in and grab a cup o' froyo! Jack went first when filling up his cup of froyo. It was a pathetic attempt (sorry Jack). I went next and displayed my ice cream spinning prowess as I fit the froyo beautifully into the cup with tons of elegance and practice. Everyone wanted me to do their cup afterward...I refused. Idk...guess I'm an ice cream boss (yeah, I brag about that).

We happily ate our froyo and Jack mentioned frisbee. I thought that sounded fun and I wanted to practice my forehand toss, so I went out with several people to the campus green and we all threw a disc around. It was good fun and I actually met a few new people. We were there for quite a while until the sky started to get very violet...then I had to make it home.

Oh yeah, I also have a final tomorrow morning at 9am...oops.